Monday, July 28, 2008


I really hope this phase passes soon. Luke is addicted to cutting things. He constantly wants his scissors. I have placed them in an unreachable place so that he can't cut whatever he pleases. Well, I've learned that this does not deter him. No. He finds other scissors. MY scissors which are sharp and will cut through more than paper.

I came downstairs from a shower last week to find 2 cuts in my curtain -- my, CLEARANCE curtain. Any chance that I'll find a replacement for that? I'm trying to decide what to do about the 3 inch gash in my curtain. Any ideas? Decorative patches?

Last night, I come downstairs from putting Colin to bed to find a plastic bag that I was saving for scrapbooking stuff cut in half. SON! He already lost tons of privileges and favorite toys after the curtain. What else can I do? I sent him to bed. He proceeded to scream and beg and cry. You see, it was too early for him to go to bed. So I went up to talk to him -- he wanted to go downstairs. I asked him what he would do to get to go back downstairs. Clean up the toys. Ok, I agreed and worked at getting Colin settled back down. Now, I'm thinking 4 year old cleaning up the toys means grabbing a few little happy meals men and putting them in on the couch instead of on the floor. I was not prepared for what I found. He was actually putting away the toys in the playroom! This was a daunting task because earlier in the day there had been 2 other boys helping to destroy the room. I was so proud! I helped him put away a few more toys and then asked him again what we are allowed to cut. "Paper, mommy".

Wonder what he'll cut next.

Edit: Found out what he'll cut next: He snuck his "school/safety" scissors in the van for the ride to Greenville. Oh, yes, he did. He cut a 1/4 inch gash into his carseat straps. Needless to say that carseat is in the garage waiting for the new straps to come in. And those scissors have had a throwing away ceremony. No more scissors until some nurse hands them to him to cut the cord on his first terror, I mean, child.

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Karen said...

clip, clip, clip....heehee...better make sure you took them. He might just decide to give you a haircut in your sleep!!